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ABA Treatment Video-Clips

        Please note that the child model featured here does not have a diagnosis of autism and is being used to demonstrate discrete trial teaching (part of a comprehensive ABA program) at various levels.

Beginning Stage  
Nonverbal Imitation:
        This is a program that is introduced in the early stages of therapy if a child does not have imitation skills. This is a prerequisite skills and a necessary foundation for most all other learning. Imitations skills are a crucial aspect of learning as most children learn through observation and imitation.
        Your ABA team will teach imitation systematically until it becomes a part of your child's everyday repertoire.
Block Imitation:
        This program teaches children to use play materials in an appropriate way, addresses visual motor patterning, increases fine motor skills, increases attention and memory, and teaches the child to attend to details and the actions of others.

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